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Mobile Tapestry was formed in 2009 but this team came together quite a bit before that. Having worked together to provide mobile solutions on some occasions and a ton of mobile games other times, we got recognized as leaders in the mobile entertainment space. But it was when a prestigious European National Lottery, retained us to produce a complete architecture from scratch, we realized the hole in the market that needed filling. Several companies try to adapt online games for lottery but the distribution, rules and regulations are so dramatically different the need for specialization was in order. The result…. MOBILE TAPESTRY.

Owning the rights to this architecture, coupled with our technical skills and gaming experience in the mobile world, we set out to produce a complete world-class solution. Now, unfortunately every marketing guy on the planet has a “complete” solution, but ours starts with a modular blue print that lays out the foundation. Then the customer decides what components meet their needs and compliments their current offering. It also allows them to pre-define their phases so their digital lottery system continues to advance with the times.

If you take one thing away from the About Us page, make that one thing EXPERIENCE. After all you want a team that hits the ground running focused solely on your solution, not spending your precious time and money teaching your software provider what you do for a living.